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Simulation Game Smart Factory: Cyber-Physical Production System


Project Description

After graduating from the University of Stuttgart, you are working for an automation service provider. Your company is tasked with engineering a cyber-physical yoghurt bottling plant. Due to the superior skills you gained from the university, you are a leading expert on new cyber technologies in the field of automation.

As you learned in the MOOC lecture, automation systems are currently evolving towards smart factories. Your company wants to be part of this change. In the department of yoghurt bottling, this means that the yoghurts become more individual. Your first task is to design a dynamic yoghurt bottling plant that is capable of producing different kinds of yoghurt with different flavors.

The rules of the game are very simple. You will be faced with new tasks in every round. Try to make decisions that will result in the best outcome for each situation. At the end of the game there will be an accurate evaluation of your performance. Have fun and good luck!

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Start the simulation game with the following link: Start simulation game

Project Status (initial)
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Project Duration
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Project Costs
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